Tel +81-596-55-3946
Open all year round
(excluding maintenance days)
Reservations cannot be made by phone.
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Open all year round
(excluding maintenance days)
Reservations cannot be made by phone.
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Sleep breath,
Take a breath,
Be short of breath.

Let's breathe freely here.


Welcome to
Oyodo West Coast
Moon Beach Campfield

We are located near the west coast of Oyodo, Meiwa-cho, Mie Prefecture where is the gateway to Ise-Shima and is famous for sea turtles coming to lay their eggs.

On a vast site of approximately 60,000 square meters that continues to evolve, we have three types of tent sites, cottages,
bungalows, and lodges. We also have camping supplies and fresh seafood and meat, so you can enjoy camping with

Have a memorable camping experience at the Moon Beach Campfield. You can enloy playing in the pool, mini golf, swimming or
fishing on the beach.

Five highlights of
Moon Beach Campfield



We have three types of spacious tent sites with different concepts and accommodation facilities that families and beginners can enjoy with peace of mind.

Camping sites
Parcel site

Each site is 18m x 6m and has designated area and electric hook-ups.
It has enogh space for a large tent.
Recommended for beginner campers and families.

Overflow camping site
Overflow campsite

You can set up a tent wherever you like
within the site, which has a total area of
180m x 60m. Enjoy your own camping style in a spacious space.
This site has trees with a perfect tropical

Sun Oyodo site
Sun Oyodo site

A forest site with lush trees.
The space between the neighbors is far away, giving you more private space that you won't find on other sites.
Good for Solo campers, beginners, and families can enjoy.

Cottage (for 4, 6, 8 people)

The facility is fully equipped with air conditioning, toilets, and baths. You can
enjoy a stay in nature with the same atmosphere as staying at home.

Bungalow (6, 8, 10 people)

Recommended for those who want to try camping but think tent camping is a little too difficult. Why not feel the outdoors in this bungalow where you can feel the warmth of wood?

Lodge (for 5 people)

At the lodge, you can enjoy a private space that you won't find anywhere else.
You can enjoy the lush trees from the
wooden terrace with a table set, giving you a slightly luxurious feeling.



Lots of fun to do, the ocean spreading out in front of you.
There are endless ways to enjoy yourself,
such as mini golf, mini basketball, the pool, and fishing.

Mini golf course
Mini golf

A short course with nine holes ranging from approximately 30 to 70 yards. There are no detailed rules, so even children and
beginners can play easily.
Coupon Tickets are also available, so it's also recommended as a practice range before heading out on the full course. Competitions are also welcome!

*Customers using the campsite can enjoy a discounted rate.

Basketball court
Basketball court

It can be used by both those staying at the campsite as well as those not staying overnight.
Balls can be borrowed free of charge at the administration building.

Graffiti wall
Graffiti wall

We have a wall where you can scribble as much as you like. Why not go back to your childhood and try drawing, not only for children but also for adult.
Pens can be borrowed free of charge at the administration building.

(summer only)

A pool with a very popular slider and a mini pool that is safe for small children.
The depth of the pools is 40cm for the slider pool, 30cm for the toddler pool, and 70-90cm for the sloped pool.
Please see the business calendar for pool business days.


In the adjacent waters of Ise Bay, you can catch fish such as kisu, flounder, rockfish, halibut, and the flathead. You can make it
into sashimi, add it to a hot pot, or enjoy camping while fishing.
Fishing rods can be borrowed with a fee.

Clam picking
Clam picking

In spring, you can dig for shellfish (blue goat) on the beach in front of your eyes.
Armbands will be distributed at the
reception desk for those who wish to go clam picking, so please be sure to wear them in a visible position.
Rakes and buckets are also available for free rental at the administration building.

Swimming at the beach
Swimming at the beach

The Oyodo west coast near the campsite is a beautiful beach with shallow waters and
calm waves. There is also a beach nearby, so you can enjoy swimming in the sea.
Swim rings can be rented with a fee.


We offer free rental of play equipment such as badminton racket, bicycles,baseball gloves and balls.
It is located at the entrance of the administration building, so please feel free to use it.

Rental & Sales
Rental & Sales

& Sales

We got you.
You don't need to bring food for barbecue. We have when you don't have enough.
A wide variety of rental and sale items.

About payment

Credit card is the only payment method for accommodation reservations, but cash, credit card, and PayPay can be used to pay on-site.

Chair Table lantern

Rental items

Tent / Bedding
Tent ¥2,500
Tarp ¥2,000
Blanket ¥500
Mattress ¥500
Comforter ¥500
Summer blanket ¥500
Cooking utensils / Tables
Messtin ¥500
BBQ stove ¥1,000
Cassette stove ¥1,000
Cooking tongs ¥100
Table ¥500
Chair ¥500
Other equipment
lantern ¥1,000
Bonfire pit ¥1,000
Bonfire sheet Free
Bonfire tongs ¥100
Power supply (100V) 2 outlets / ¥1,000
Power cord ¥500
Bath towel ¥200
Swim ring ¥500
Fishing rod ¥1,000
Bicycle 1 hour / Free
Playthings Free

Items for sale

Camping miscellaneous goods
Firewood ¥500
Charcoal (3kg) ¥600
Igniter ¥100
Cassette cylinder ¥300
Aluminum plate ¥500
Toothbrush ¥100
Laundry detergent ¥100
Battery from ¥100
Net (30×45cm) ¥500
Sticker ¥200
Set of 3 stickers ¥500
Instant noodle from ¥200
Sweets from ¥150
Ice ¥350
Ice cream ¥200
Yakiniku sauce ¥400
Water (500mL) ¥100
Carbonated water ¥150
Green tea ¥150
Non-alcoholic beer ¥200
Beer ¥300
Local beer from ¥500
Chuhai ¥300
Highball ¥300

Pre-order BBQ

Reservations are required, so please apply at least 7 days in advance.
(Excluding Golden Week, Obon, and New Year's holidays)
If you wish to cancel, please contact us at least 5 days in advance.
Cancellations made after that time will be charged the full amount.

  • Luxury set large
    Luxury set large
    (Beef / Pork / Chicken
    A set + 8 giant clams, 8 turban shells, 4 large clams [frozen])
  • Luxury set medium
    Luxury set medium
    (Beef / Pork / Chicken
    A set + 4 pieces of
    giant clams, 4 pieces
    of turban shells, 2 pieces of large clams [frozen])
  • Luxury set small
    Luxury set small
    (Beef / Pork / Chicken
    A set + 2 giant clams, 2 turban shells, 1 large clam [frozen])
Beef / Pork / Chicken A set
Beef / Pork B set (600g) ¥3,500
Pork / Chicken C set (600g) ¥2,000
Beef / Pork Solo D Set (300g) ¥2,500
Wagyu Yakiniku (160g) ¥1,800
Pork tongue (160g) ¥500
Pork tontoro (160g) ¥500
Pork loin (160g) ¥600
Pork belly (160g) ¥500
8 giant clams, 8 turban
shells, 4 frozen large clams
4 giant clams, 4 turban
shells, 2 frozen large clams
2 giant clams, 2 turban
shells, 1 frozen large clam
Facilities & Fees

& Fees

Equipped with clean toilets, showers, and a warm public bath. Enjoy camping the way you want.

Administration Building
Administration Building

The administration building has a reception, a store, a bath, rental items, and a 2nd floor rental space.
You can pay by cash, credit card, or PayPay.

BBQ garden
BBQ garden

A BBQ garden with a large roof.
Recommended for day trip BBQers!

Yellow building
Yellow building

A building that is open 24 hours a day and has a coin laundry and vending machines.

  • Shower
  • Rest room
    Rest room
  • Kitchen
  • Dump station
    Dump station
Campsite fee
Required fee   Additional fee for options
  Fee Entrance
usage fee
Early check-in /
Late check-out*1
High season*2 Aadditional car
Tent site ¥4,000 1 person
¥1,000 After 10:00 1 block ¥1,000 /
Before 17:00 1 block ¥1,000
1 block 1 night
1 car ¥1,000
(Can add up to 1 car)
Cottage (for 4 people) ¥15,000 included
in fee
After 10:00 1 building ¥2,000 /
Before 17:00 1 building ¥2,000
1 night
1 building
2 cars are included
in the fee
(Cannot be added)
Cottage (for 6 people) ¥19,000
Cottage (for 8 people) ¥20,500
Bungalow (for 6 people) ¥11,000
Bungalow (for 8 people) ¥13,000
Bungalow (for 10 people) ¥12,000
Lodge (for 5 people) ¥14,000
Bike plan ¥2,000 ¥1,000 1 block 1 night
1 bike ¥1,000
(Can add up to 1 bike)
Day camp※3 ¥2,000 ¥1,000 ¥500 1 car ¥1,000
(Can add up to 1 car)
As of April 2024

*1 Check-in is from 14:00 to 17:00, check-out is until 12:00 for cottages, bungalows, and lodges, and until 13:00 for tent sites. Also, early check-in and late check-out are not available during weekends and holidays, or if you have other reservations the day before or the next day.

*2 High season is the New Year period, Golden Week, and Obon period.

*3 Day camp is available from 10:00 to 17:00.

Facility usage fee
Please check the business calendar for the business days and hours of each facility.
Mini golf
General 1 hour
1 hour extension
1 ticket 1 hour
x 7 ticket
Rental golf club
1 golf club ¥100
Camper 1 hour
1 hour extension
3 years old and older 1 day ¥500 Rental
swim ring
1 piece ¥500
Under 3 years old Free
Flat rate of ¥300
*This applies to everyone who takes a bath.
Hot water 5 minutes ¥200
Cold water Free
BBQ garden
Camping site 3 years old and older ¥500 Under 3 years
Overflow site
(uses gas)
3 years old and older ¥1,000
As of April 2024

*Prices are per person.

*Business hours may change depending on the reservation status on the day, so please check with the reception.



The gateway to Ise-Shima.
30 minutes by car to Ise Jingu Shrine, 20 minutes to Matsusaka City, where is famous for a Matsusaka Beef.
Also ideal as a base for sightseeing.

From Ise Expressway Matsusaka IC, enter National Route 23 via Prefectural Route 59 towards Ise.
Turn left at the Yama-Oyodo intersection, turn left at the end of the road and continue on Prefectural Route 60, turn right at the Sasabuebashi Higashi intersection and the site will be on your left.
20km from Matsusaka IC.

  • Address

    2943-11 Oyodo, Meiwa-machi, Taki District, Mie 515-0302 Japan

  • Tel


  • Reception

    9:00 - 17:00

  • Regular holiday

    Open all year round (excluding maintenance days)

When you arrive at the campsite, please park in front of the administration building and register inside the building first.
  • Parking
    Parking lot in front of the
    administration building
  • Parking
    Parking lot in front of the
    percel site